Connecting families across the generations
Connecting families across the generations 

Plan for your Family

Planning for your final resting place is a wonderful gift for your family. It eases their burdens and questions at one of the most difficult moments of their lives. 


Support your Church

Connecting with your family's faith home as part of this planning process is a sign of commitment and support.


Create a Legacy

By establishing your final resting place within your family's faith home, you share your heritage and begin to develop a connection across the generations.


faith home

/faTH/ /hom/



1. the place we go to connect with our faith community, our beliefs and traditions, and ultimately, to connect with our Creator

2. a place where our family makes a connection across the generations

Faith Home was founded on the belief that the church should be a primary point of connection between families and the community. Families should be able to create a lasting connection across the generations through their church.  


A Faith Home project is an opportunity for a church to encourage this connectedness with its families. We collaborate on a cremation niche development (columbaria), allowing families to create a final resting place for their loved-ones within the physical home of their church grounds.  


We partner with churches to make their projects a reality, by advancing the capital and outreach costs; and we seek to make these heritage investments available to families, by extending them financing. 

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